Dentures in London, ON are removable dental appliances which act as replacements for missing teeth. They can help enhance the function, restore quality of life aesthetics while also bringing back that bright white smile! Dentures are a solution to missing teeth, whether it’s all of them or just some.

Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures: When you have no natural teeth at all

Partial Dentures: If there are one or more natural teeth remaining in the mouth.

A full set can be either temporary until implants/bridges are fixed into place for stability or permanent depending on your preference.  

A denture may be either conventional or immediate. A conventional type is made after the teeth have been removed and then typically takes 4-6 weeks to heal, during which time a patient goes without teeth. An alternative method of making a denture includes an immediate kind that’s created in advance so as not to leave patients with no tooth for long periods while their gum tissues heal. Once the tissue shrinks again then adjustments will be made accordingly.

Missing a front tooth or two?

If so, a flipper (partial denture) is just the thing to get your smile back in shape. A durable appliance that will last many years with normal wear and tear, some patients may find it necessary for readjustment due to changing teeth alignment from an injury or illness.


The process of getting dentures can be a long one. The first step is to get an accurate impression and measurement from your dentist, which will then aid in the creation of your custom-made denture. Depending on how complicated it needs to be, you may need several appointments over weeks or even months before all parts are ready for placement.

Following your final appointment, you will be provided care instructions for your new dentures to ensure they last. Proper care, cleaning, good oral hygiene, and regular dental visits to your London dental clinic are all essential in maintaining your dentures and their durability.